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Clocktower Ventures - Developer

Our Ventures Developer will be instrumental in helping to craft our team’s data strategy, building out a project delivery plan, then executing upon this. This is an opportunity for an individual who is comfortable operating autonomously, in close collaboration with our operations and investment teams, in a startup environment.

  • Act as an instrumental player in building the data assets, workflows and reports for a high functioning and operationally efficient ventures team.

  • Drive the automation process of collecting new data and the refinement of existing sources to continue improving our tools and build predictive analytics over time.

  • Build systems and reporting to generate key insights about our investments and around our relationship base, and to drive our ability to attract capital and make new investments.

  • Drive our ability to fully utilize our CRM system, Affinity, leveraging APIs to connect to our SQL database and other systems and to build workflows that make our team’s work more efficient.

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Clocktower Ventures - Investment Associate, UK

Our UK-based Investment Associate will work hand in glove with the Venture Partner who runs our European practice, taking part in all aspects of our European fintech venture investments. Specifically, this person will help manage the sourcing, tracking, and evaluation of our deal flow.

  • Sourcing. You will be our boots on the ground in London and the broader European tech scene. You will carry our flag at every London-area tech event. You are systematic and deliberate in tracking private company information, and you build relationships with startups and other investors along the way. You are a natural networker—you like meeting new people and you yourself are also quite likeable.

  • Analysis. You will be driving the process of evaluating potential transactions from start to finish. You are a junkie for the next new idea and light up when listening to entrepreneurs share theirs. You look forward to building the detailed financial model of how one of our potential investments will actually make money. You are excited to crack the market sizing assumptions provided by entrepreneurs and unpack their assumptions. You are just cynical enough to recognize when a CEO hasn't really figured it out, and confident enough to place a bet when you're sure they have.

  • Partner support. You will be the jack-or-jill-of-all-trades for our London office. You'll work closely with our London-based Venture Partner and lead on operational efforts. You won't mind spending time coordinating calendars, updating databases, or being the go-between communicator between our two offices. You are good at simply figuring things out and don't get flustered easily. You are an organizational wizard who makes everyone around you better – a lot better.

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Compliance and Legal Officer, Shanghai

Our Compliance and Legal Officer will be responsible for compliance audits adn examinations, research on compliance issues, and our team's overall compliance policies and procedures.

  • Document Review. You will review and approve reports and other business critical deliverables produced by our team in a timely manner.

  • Relationship Management. You will be the point person to our onshore external legal and compliance counsel, compliance and legal team in our US office and other external legal/compliance contacts.

  • Project Management. You will project manage efforts to improve and streamline the legal and compliance program for our office.

  • Contracts Review.You will review former and current legal contracts to ensure the best interest of the business.

  • Other Team Support You will manage the development and improvement of compliance systems and processes across our business to support our growth.

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Junior Risk Analyst, Shanghai

Our Junior Risk Analyst will be responsible for analyzing, monitoring, and managing hedge fund investments and continuing to build out our systems, in order to process data ranging from position-level detail to aggregated themes.

  • Support with Research. You will analyze the trading, positioning, and risk of both individual hedge fund managers and a broader hedge fund universe. You will also conduct hedge fund strategy analysis utilizing large datasets of historical information.

  • Risk Management and Assessment. You will calculate and monitor daily portfolio risk using various metrics

  • Client Support and Reporting. You will support with routine client reports and produce status reports for the risk management group

  • Process Improvements.You will help with improving and innovating the external hedge fund monitoring process and framework.

  • Due Diligence. You will conduct investment due diligence on hedge fund managers, with a focus on China and Asia.

  • Team Support You will work with the broader investment team in various hedge fund manager research and projects.

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Human Resources Manager

Our Human Resources Manager will perform all HR functions, including recruiting staff, administering pay, benefits, and leave, performance review management, compensation benchmarking, and enforcing company policies and practices. You will steward Clocktower’s culture and support the firm in retaining our talent.

  • Recruiting. You will partner with firm management to translate business objectives and build a sustainable, scalable sourcing plan to achieve current and future goals. You will recruit, interview, and facilitate the hiring of qualified job applicants for open positions; you will also collaborate with departmental managers to understand skills and competencies required for openings.

  • Onboarding. You will ensure the successful onboarding of new employees, drafting onboarding plans that address goals, supervisory/reporting structure, training, and integration into the firm.

  • Communication Liaison. You will handle employment-related inquiries from applicants, external agencies, employees, and supervisors, referring complex and/or sensitive matters to the appropriate staff.

  • Talent Management. You will work with managers to execute on strategic plans to mentor, motivate, and retain employees, helping the firm to achieve its long-term goals.

  • HR Research.You will maintain knowledge of trends, best practices, regulatory changes, and new technologies in human resources and employment law.

  • Project Management.You will manage HR programs and processes (performance management, compensation benchmarking, diversity/equity/inclusion monitoring, talent reviews, etc.) to ensure the desired objectives and outcomes are reached.

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Legal Associate

Our Legal Associate will be a part of a collaborative team supporting these businesses, with a particular focus on venture capital.

  • Venture Capital Investments. You’ll work closely with the venture investment team to close new venture capital investments. This will include evaluating deal documents, negotiating side letters, flagging potential investment restrictions, and coordinating the close process. Post-investment, you will assist the team in evaluating legal requests from our venture portfolio companies (e.g. stockholder consents, etc.).

  • Fund Launches. You’ll help drive the fund launch process for new products and co-investment vehicles, including maintaining the launch timeline and coordinating with external legal counsel on forming entities, drafting private fund offering materials, and negotiating side letters.

  • Compliance. You’ll help maintain and implement the firm’s compliance program, undertaking the necessary policies and procedures for SEC and NFA/CFTC regulatory compliance and making the necessary filings, as well as for other regulators as needed.

  • Third Party Agreements. You’ll manage firm risk and facilitate our business relationships through various legal agreements, e.g. NDAs and service provider agreements.

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Compliance Associate

Our Compliance Associate will be part of a collaborative team supporting various parts of our business.

  • Firm Compliance. You’ll help maintain and implement the firm’s compliance program, undertaking the necessary policies and procedures for SEC and NFA/CFTC regulatory compliance and making the necessary filings, as well as for other regulators as needed.

  • Documentation and Implementation. You will perform compliance testing, documentation, and implementation of changes to policies and procedures as well as coordinating communications.

  • Project Management. You will support in monitoring compliance calendar, policies and procedures, as well as overall compliance administration.

  • Reporting. You will report on the overall compliance program to the CCO, CEO, and Management Committee.

  • Firm and Fund Operations.You will support the Operations Team’s broad set of responsibilities, including legal, HR, and fund operations as well as performing due diligence and support for our investments with hedge fund managers.

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